Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here's a spot to tell this Ninja your karate thoughts about the 'debates'

i think they're dumb.

the debates and the candidates.

which are dumber?

This Ninja just doesn't know...

A Ninja Idea

Here's a Ninja solution by Chris

Let the Ninja Masters review!

Manifesto For Economic Stability-

To increase economic stability government influence must be reduced! To accomplish this I have laid out provisions in each of the three areas of money raising debt, printing money, and taxes. Keep in mind I am not an economist so any constructive criticism is encouraged! My goal was to bridge the gap from what we have now, government interventionism, to a more perfect market based system.

-Reduce foreign holdings to under 20%. (eliminate significant control) We need to reduce the amount of control foreign governments have over our currency and reduce the amount of interest paid to foreign countries. (Japan&China hold nearly 50% of our debt)
-Balance the Budget (with some kind of incentive)

Printing Money-
-Limit the amount of money creation to a calculated inflation of 2% or less.
-End interest rate control by the Fed, allow markets to determine rates. (forcing many to save before buying if rates are high)
-Bring fractional banking reserves to 50% and mandate banks cover their debt with enough capital.
-Privatize all banking institution w/ no government backing.
-Improve regulations and oversight by the SEC, also hold the SEC accountable by investors and shareholders of failed institutions.

-Allow private organizations to compete for tax payer money in education & welfare.
-Allow tax payers to choose between private organizations or government when paying taxes. (percentage apportioned to education & welfare)
-End Social Security tax for those 45 years old and younger.
-Reduce corporate tax to 25% & end loopholes in tax code.
-Reduce capital gains tax to 5%
-Increase estate tax to 50% over a 5 million dollar threshold (except for family business such as family farms)
-Increase luxury tax
-Increase income tax on wealthiest 1%, to 40% (keep in mind this money can be sent to private organizations)
-Reduce subsidies except for R&D and alternative energies.

-Stop policing the world, bring troops home, reduce the size of the military, reduce its armaments, and overall spending. (Military costs us 400 Billion a year, half of the nation's budget!)

Hopefully we can wean ourselves off of government control of the economy by privatizing expensive and inefficient government monopolies in education and welfare, by reigning in the power of the Fed, keeping a balanced budget, and reducing our military spending. Also, by lowering corporate and capital gains tax mixed with a more likely, higher interest rate, Equity financing would be encouraged as apposed to debt financing. I know the tax increases go against the conservatives and libertarians but my intention wasn't to penalize the rich for making money but to penalize the rich on spending money. This is because trickle down economics doesn't work if the rich spend their discretionary funds instead of investing it for the good of the economy. Finally, if banks were able to cover their own debt instead of having the government bail them out we wouldn't have the mess of 1929 or 2008!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


this is a repsonse to Nate's question about FDIC insurance...i kinda got lost in the typing of the response so i just decided to make a new thread. i know, we just had the debates and i'm not even writing about them! well, i've only seen like 5 minutes, i had class until 9:20 - but what i have seen confirmed what i already knew - both parties are big government jerks. anyway - on to the post!

speaking of fdic insurance...
so now all of our deposits are covered up to 250,000! isn't that great?! i love when money comes out of thin air to the rescue at the behest of the government :-)
i mean, one would think that with all of the recent failings and the money the fdic was committing/using to secure peoples deposits in these crappy/immoral banks, that if anything the coverage would be lowered as the fdic funds depleted; i mean, if they don't have the money how could they pay?

oh but that is just a silly question to ask the government!

instead of a rude awakening to the twisted reality our politicians, and their shadowy masters, have gotten us in, we have all been treated to the news that now we are covered by 250,000 bucks instead of the paltry 100,000 (i don't know about you but i was way worried that fake money fairy wasn't going to protect me).
and because of the crappy state of banks (which crappiness calls into question the willingness of the fdic (the i stands for insurance, not insolvent-giver-away-of-money-to-crappy-risky-immoral-banks)) they can't ask for higher premiums because...the banks can't pay...

...wait i know the answer to this...
...that won't stop the government!

with the newly nationalized banks they'll be able to pay
anything to anyone whenver because money won't have any value anymore! (but they haven't gotten the bailout just yet...and even then they won't pay the fdic anymore than they are now)!

so this like a home owner in new orleans, in the midst of hurrican season, getting a letter from their home owners insurance saying, "hey, we've pretty much lost all of our money, and your house is probably going to get flooded or destroyed sometime we've decided to give you more than double your coverage!! and at no additional cost to you :-*"

it doen't make sense to anyone but politicians and the those who own them.


i just thought of this! this is hilarious! so the people on wallsreet are like "crap, we bet way bad and our money is all gone...but we do have a littel left...i know!! lets make the fdic increase their deposit insurance, then we'll liquidate what crap stock we have left, put in the bank, and when it fails we'll get a bailout for not just our utterly horrible debt (see previous post) but our marginally bad stock as well!"
only in america baby!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

We are in a Hurricane of somthing pretty smelly....

So the central-planned US economy is naked before world! We like to encourage inefficient, wealth degenerating activities :-)

if i hear another politician say they are just 'sick' over this bailout, but they have to do it anyway, i'm going to scream.

and remember whenever anybody (especially the government) says this is the end of the world watch your wallets (and the debt burden and inflation placed on the next generation).

I think this may be the beginning of something new.

With a clear majority of citizens not wanting the bailout (despite the doomsday prophecies from those who are always so very inaccurate at prophesying) the congress is going forward to allow the executive branch to take over the economy, well not the whole thing-just the really bad part. check this out
i find it hilarious that some polls would call this an 'investment' - it's not an investment when you know you are taking a loss. its a giveaway.

so congress is siding on the side of the banks and corporations, regardless of how their constituents feel. it is appallingly apparent who their constituents really are.

i've heard many claims that this is the 'death' of capitalism, but i think that over the past week people have realized that this is the natural progression of socialism, with the wealth distribution going from the bottom up. its hard to say which ideology results in this. the democratic ideology would want the money going the other way, the good 'ol Robin Hood analogy. The republican ideology would want the money to go where it would naturally. so how come the government is taking money from the middle class and giving it to the elite class with the approval of both parties? Lets look at fannie and freddie.

these institution exist to foul up the market. banks sell them their mortgages so as to free more money for more more mortgages and the vicious cycle went on inexorably to a housing bubble the size of which we haven't seen. add to that the Fed minuscule interest rate (the Fed lowered the federal-funds rate target from 6% in January 2001 to 1% by June 2003. The 1% was kept until June 2004) which encourages people to get loans and debt rather than to save real money. add onto that the the Community Reinvestment Act, instituted by Carter but subsequently updated by succeeding presidents and congress (with both parties support, i'll explain how this contradiction makes sense with politicians), in which congress actually forced banks, which were already making way too many loans with their fake money through the vehicle of fannie and freddie, to make even more loans - but to poor people who couldn't afford them.

so is this capitalism?

here is where it gets dirty. fannie and freddie have lobbyists. these lobbyists go to washington to pay off their regulators/bosses/supervisors (congress). these lobbyists give congress money (taxpayer money, mind you) so that congress doesn't monitor their activities with any close scrutiny. heck, these congressmen want fannie and freddie to make more money (the more money they make the more houses are made and the more votes and money congressmen get from fannie and freddie), tighter regulations would only hinder it. tell me another job where you can steal money from someone else (taxes) higher a person (lobbyist) to pay off your supervisor (congress) so that you can condcut business without the market incentive to do what is right - any normal business would fail in short order but in the government it is a work of art. so fannie and freddie securitized these loans and sold them with the implicit guarantee of the government; it just so happened that the crappy sub-prime mortgages were part of the guarantee (let us not be mistaken, even without the sub-prime mortgages the bubble would have burst with an economic poop storm - but with the sub-prime junk its more like a poop hurricane).

do you see how amazing this is? the government used central planning (insert soviet union here) to skew the markets to building houses and then they turned around and sold that risk and debt to the rest of the system (with government garuntees of amazing profits) so that not only would the market now be skewed (which in and of itself is horrible) but now the whole system relieis on these abominations? its like a cancer that has metastisized and you can't take a pain killer (the Feds efforts to prolong the facing of consequences) and expect it to get rid of cancer - but you can ignore the cancer until it has taken over your body.

so add to this the fact that the Fed has already increased liquidity in attempts to 'remedy' the solution; in fact they are only exacerbating the fundamental problems. they aren't allowing the market to correct these crappy loans and crappy institutions. they say we need to fix the situation and then increase regulation. we need the market to wipe this crap out. what they are doing won't do this and things won't get better until this bad debt, practices and institutions are gone. guess what they tried to do in 1927 to stop a bursting bubble? the same thing they are doing now - they prevented the burst which lead to greater inflation and eventual crash - maybe you've heard of the Great Depression? recessions aren't bad things, the market needs some time to adjust to the needs/wants and supply/demand of the people; it's when you try and prevent recessions that you get depressions.

But now the Fed wants 700 billion and, i guess that's the number where they are like 'maybe we should get the okay'd by someone' but really they thought 'we need to have congress complicit with us for a mugging of this size'. so congress was all too willing to bail out the banks and stick it to us. they put on the show of trying to limit the bailout: no 'golden parchutes' for executvies (do you realize how little this amount of money compared to 700 billion is? do you realize that these executives have the highest paying jobs in America and that rather than losing them for thier poor business practices they are keeping their jobs and incomes?); they have some oversight over it, but that's like putting a lazy-boss fox over the group of foxes that are already watching the hens (it's funny though that bush can actually overcome any objections they have anyway).why don't they talk about stopping the lobbying being done by fannie, freddie, and these banks? why don't they talk about giving back all of the money they have received from all of these lobbyists and putting that into the bailout? granted, that would not be very much compared to 700 billion, but it would at least show some principle and responsibility. and remember who Henry Paulson (the treasury secretary and brians behind this thing) is. former CEO of Goldman Sachs a man worth hundreds of millions and who received his 'golden parachute' already - so who does he represent? the interests of the power elite statis quo, the people who need to suffer for changes to happen.

and this is the dirtiest. with this bailout we are effectively making the banking industry equivalent to fannie and freddie. we are giving them government guarantee over their bad debt. we are giving oversight to congress and treasury rather than market forces that keep businesses honest or out of work. their lobbyists will work the system just like fannie and freddie's did. we are taking one of the root causes of the debacle, fannie and friddie, and making them the model for the rest of the industry. this will fix what? this is utter insanity!

i again ask, which ideology does this adhere to? Democratic or Republican? which one does fannie and freddie fit into? how about the fed practices? the bailout?

they don't fit an ideology, these things contradict all of the ideologies in one way or another, and they don't provide any principles from which to judge them - but they do fit politicians. this bunch of crap only makes sense if you live in a make believe land called the Federal Government, where you make rules that have no consequences - well at least not to you personally. it is the politicians who did this to us - they authored these lies and were complicit with the Fed. they may not be economists, they may not have known this woud happen, but they are peolple with morals - at least that's what they claim when they are running for office. they have betrayed us. where do we start with indictments and accusations when they are all part of the problem? can you impeach all of our elected officials for lying, cheating and stealing? and how about the constitution? what about all of the consitutional restrictions that have been broken? surley that is grounds for something?

so that is why i think this may be the beginning of something new.

with the people being so royally screwed by their 'representatives', and a looming crises on the horizon - maybe now people will see the facade of the government. the party system is broken - they both have an equal share in this blame - there is no choice. some republicans fought the bailout a little, but i don't believe in death bed conversions, and thier plan was still way off the mark (i mean if this what we call conservatism what is socialism?).

where is the constitution? where is morality? where is leadership? all seem to be in short supply in America. this was the first time in my life i actually wondered what America would be like in 50 years.

the only problem is that the poop hurricane we are in was brought by the poop masters and they've rigged the system so that all we can choose from is their poop and the other guys poop (which, not coincidently, is the same poop). niether party has real solutions or good leadership - they are part of the problem, they caused the problem and the problem-fixing would include their dismissal (if not incarceration). whether it is 'change' or 'experience' all i see and smell is bunch of crap.

so i'm not sure that this will lead to something new, but i sure hope it does.

-Political Ninja

i can see some people reading this and just writing it off as a negative rant.
we've got a problem and until people recognize it and then decide to fix it the problem will only get worse. as i've put all of this together over the past few months i've gotten sad about it too - but hiding our heads in the sand won't help the situtation.

we, the people, are empowered by the truth - not our ignoring of it.

ok, so that last part was corny

well this is as well -

i believe in the amercian people, the only reason why the economy hasn't collapsed under these bungling thieves is because of the good people upon which the economy functions. i believe that the american people have been taken advantage of by these politicians but we can overcome this adversary. i am saddened by what has happened but i am more than angered by those who have betrayed our trust. they have taken advantage of the fact that we are busy rasing families and being productive by swindling and lieing to to us. if a depression is in our cards the damage has already been done by these our 'representatives', and their meddling will only increase the problems. a recession is a natural occurance when the market adjusts - we want the market to adjust and be efficient and create wealth; a depression will be on their hands.

this poltical ninja says - karate chop them out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


What does Political Ninja Obama mean by 'compromise' and 'reach across party lines'. This Political Ninja hears 'you gonna make me come punch you in the face or you gonna come to me?' Sounds more like rhetoric than anything else - is there any proof or history of him doing it before?

And besides, do we really want our Political Ninjas to compromise with each other? If I vote for someone based on their judgement and principles, do I want them to capitulate and give in to the Evil Politcal Ninjas? Or do I want them to stand their ground and truly represent me? What a betrayal it is when elected officials 'compromise' their platforms/principles/values. For example Obama 'crossed party lines' for the new FISA bill! I mean come on! If you can't count on Democratic Ninjas to fight Republican Ninjas on on something like that what is the point of having political partys anyway? So he compromised and now we have a much more powerful president that doesn't even have the restraint of the constitution when it comes to warrentless searches! And what was the trade? What did Obama get for this? Well, I guess it makes sense that he thinks he'll probably be the next president. American's just lost more of their civil liberties, that's all - yay for our Political Ninjas and their compromises with each other!

And just so you can see this Ninja's fairmindedness and wisdom I shall criticize Old Ninja Man McCain - What a hoser! He's compromised on so much stuff he barely bears the crappy mantle of republican! Is this what we want in our politicians? He'll probably 'compromise' with the DemoNinjas to raise taxes in exchange for more presidental power.

One may ask the Ninja, 'but don't you want anything to get done in Washington'?
No! You get a kick in the face for that question! Everything those WashNinja's do hurt the rest of us Ninja's so the more gridlock they're in the better off we are! The Ninja's I want to vote in want to make the government smaller, so they shouldn't compromise because the other Political Ninjas will never 'compromise' that anyway.

So all in all - if you like a politician and then that politician starts talking compromise, just realize that you've been deemed despensible, they are done pandering to you and they are working on their next victim.

Ninjas Unite!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Market?

What would you call the US economy? Now that the Government holds not only its own debt but now 5 trillion dollas of mortgages Ninja can sleep easier knowing that the Big Brother can and will take care of everything :-(


What kind of Change is Political Ninja Obama suggesting?
Sounds like same crap to me....not all change is for the better, and wholsale abandonment of conservative principles doesn't sound like a good idea to this Political Ninja. A karate chop here and there may be needed but a whole new jiu jitsu?
To be fair to Obama, and other Ninja Democrats in general, at least they are honest about there intentions whereas Republican Ninjas merely fain the idea of limited government.

Both Ninja types need good Karate chops to the head!